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Mother Cabrini Shrine is a nonproıit, religious organization and we are self-supporting. Our annual
budget is just over one million dollars and we rely on donations, retreat fees and sales from our
gift shop. We are thankful for generous ıinancial support from visitors, friends, businesses, the
local community and all others who wish to promote the mission of Mother Cabrini Shrine and
help us carry forth the great legacy of St. Frances Cabrini.

We invite you to make a donation or set up a convenient monthly contribution through our secure
website via Pay Pal.

Donate to Mother Cabrini Shrine through Paypal

For more information on ways to give, to make a donation or to speak with someone about leaving
Mother Cabrini Shrine in your will, contact JoAnn Seaman in the Development Ofıice at
303.526.0758 or joann@mothercabrinishrine.org.

Our current projects/needs include:

  • Adding a new gate near the bottom of our road for security purposes
  • Rerooıing the chapel and convent building
  • Crack-sealing the asphalt on the Shrine road
  • Creating a Mother Cabrini Shrine app for smart phones and tablets
  • Replace furniture for the conference room and cafeteria