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Individual Day Retreats at Mother Cabrini Shrine


Our Services
For our guests, we provide a space conducive to day-long private and self-guided retreats.  Come for some quiet, comfortable time away from the noise to “Be still and Know that I am God!” Psalm 46:11 NAB

  • We provide meals
  • Coffee, Hot Tea, Ice Water are available
  • Beautiful grounds for prayer, including four prayer gardens
  • Climb the 373 steps to the 22 foot Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Chapel, 1-175 capacity

  • Host a Private Mass, Adoration, Confession, Prayer Service

Hermitage, 1-12 capacity, $40.00 per person lunch included

  • A comfortable Living room and Kitchenette

Sisters Living/Dining Room, 1-15 capacity, $15.00 per person lunch included

  • A comfortable Sitting Room that connects to a Dining Room

Chaplain’s Quarters, 1-4 capacity, $40.00 per person lunch included

  • Perfect setting for a comfortable, homey feel



“Everything is awesome as always!
-Summer 2015 Retreatant