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Activities at Mother Cabrini Shrine

Main Chapel
The chapel, dedicated to the Sacred Heart, was completed in June of 1970. Mass is offered daily and the chapel is open to the public 7 days a week.

Stairway of Prayer
In 1954 a twenty-two foot statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, carved by an Italian artist was mounted on an eleven foot base and erected above the Heart of Stones. Beginning September 11, 1954, 373 steps leading up to the top of the Mount of the Sacred Heart were placed and completed in just 67 days. The stairway follows the path Mother Cabrini, the sisters and the children took to the top of the mountain. This stairway following the Saint’s footsteps is also symbolic of the pathway Christ took on His sorrowful way to His crucifixion and death, through the stations of the Cross. Each station is made of stone mosaics made in Italy and depicts the suffering of our divine Lord as He gave His life for our salvation. Mary, through the mysteries of the rosary, invites the faithful to continue the journey begun with the Stations of the Cross reminding us through recitation and meditation on important events in the life of her Son, each mystery brings us closer to the Heart of Christ. In 1955 the Knights of Columbus placed terra cotta benches along the stairway, thus allowing pilgrims to rest, pray and meditate. At the entrance to the stairway is a large crucifix.

The Spring
The only water on this property was in a small pond next to the spring house. All of the water needed for drinking and cooking had to be brought up to the summer camp from the stream at the bottom of Mt. Vernon Canyon. In September 1912, the sisters complained to Mother Cabrini that they were dying of thirst and there was no water to be had. She answered, “Lift that rock over there and start to dig. You will find water fresh enough to drink and clean enough to wash.” The spring, which is housed in an 8,000 gallon tank, has never stopped running. Many pilgrims, through their faith, believe the water has brought healing and peace to their lives.

Heart of Stones
In 1912 on Mother Cabrini’s last visit to Golden, Colorado she took a group of sisters and a few children from the orphanage by horse and buggy to the highest hill. This is where she arranged white stones in the shape of a Heart surmounted by a cross, dedicating the hill to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The image is still present today at the top of the Stairway of Prayer beneath a glass case preserved for all to see.

Meditation Walk
Our Meditation Walk is a peaceful place of reflection that allows visitors, pilgrims and tourists time to be in the company of their thoughts and pray for their personal intentions.

Rosary Garden
Our walking Rosary Garden and its beautiful landscaping invites visitors in to walk and pray in the splendor that Mother Cabrini envisioned when she purchased this property in 1909.

The Grotto
A replica of the grotto of Lourdes, France, was built over this spring in 1929 and was demolished and replaced in 1959 by the present one, built of sandstone. Here, in the quiet atmosphere of candlelight before the Mother Cabrini altar, many come to pray and ask her intercession with the Sacred Heart and His Holy Mother. The people present their many requests and, through faith, say their prayers are answered.

The Gift Shop
Located in the main building, our Gift Shop is filled with religious merchandise to purchase as well as candles that can be lit in our Grotto Chapel. There is also a museum in the Gift Shop dedicated to Mother Cabrini showcasing some of the items she used during her lifetime.

Stained-Glass Windows
The beautiful stained-glass windows just off the main chapel, depict Mother Cabrini’s life, her birth, her confirmation, her missionary vocation, the founding of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, her meeting with Pope Leo the XIII, her devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the voyage to America, working with Italian immigrants, crossing the Andes, Mother Cabrini’s death, her miraculous cure of infant Peter Smith, and her canonization to sainthood. The windows originally came from Villa Cabrini in Burbank, California, which was a school formerly sponsored by the Missionary Sisters

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